Our thinking on strategic communications

Three Plus prides itself on providing authoritative advice based on a wealth of strategic communications experience across a broad range of business sectors. Here’s a snapshot of the thinking that underpins our service offerings.

Issues management

  • A problem will not ‘blow over’ by crossing your fingers.
  • Actively manage issues and reputation.

Media relations

  • Traditional media can be an inefficient way to tell your story if your target audience is small.
  • It is a tremendous opportunity if your target audience is large.
  • Digital media means 24/7 opportunities…and threats.

Market perceptions

  • Actively seek feedback from peers and customers to shape your marketing and business development investment.

Bids and tenders

  • Technical details are the ‘bread and butter’ in a tender, but the messaging and presentation are crucial.

Finance and investor relations

  • Take shareholders on a journey. Tell a ‘story’ beyond the financials.

Development and infrastructure

  • Be an energetic, articulate advocate for your project, or no–one else will.

Media training and presentation skills

  • Public speaking is a skill that can be learned, with fears overcome. It comes down to practice, and knowing how to prepare.

Government relations

  • Politics, like life, does not favour fair–weather friends. Build genuine relationships early.

Community engagement 

  • Community engagement is an important way to manage risk. Consult early and clearly.
  • Earn respect through honesty and transparency.