Transform your communication with compelling video content

In our digital world, video always trumps text as compelling content.

Effective storytelling via compelling video content on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok has the power to reach the 17 million Australians who use those platforms on a regular basis in a way that a brochure, fact sheet or newsletter cannot.

Three Plus produces high quality video content using either professionally shot footage or animation and devises the strategies to ensure it reaches the designated audience.

For the Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ), faced with the challenge of building community awareness of the value of the State’s 77 local councils, this meant creating a video series titled ‘Better Councils, Better Communities’ that featured Council workers to tell the story of how Local Government was invigorating their community.

These were posted on individual council’s websites, the LGAQ’s website and became part of a YouTube and Facebook advertising campaign. The success of the program led to more requests for video content.

LGAQ then engaged Three Plus to create a series of 10 engaging animated ‘Council in Action’ infographics. The Local Government Association of South Australia then commissioned their own animated infographics to tell a similar story in that state.

Watch samples of our work via the Better Councils, Better Communities and Councils in Action playlists below and think about using video for your next communication or marketing challenge.



YouTube has your audience’s attention

  • One in every two Australians use YouTube
  • 13.2 million Australians spend on average of 17.1 hours per month on YouTube
  • 2.35% of all Australian social media web traffic referrals come from YouTube
  • Men and women are on YouTube in equal amounts

Google’s research show viewers want three things from their video-viewing experiences: possibility, authenticity, and freedom. Sincere messages from “real” people with a positive message can achieve real cut-through.

With the accelerating popularity and widespread adoption of video content for communication and marketing cut-through, including the exponential growth of TikTok, Three Plus is uniquely positioned to assist businesses of all sizes in crafting engaging and impactful video content that will deliver tangible results.